Crazy Dog!

Crazy Dog!

dogBy Leah Adams

My husband and I once had a neighbor who had several dogs. Most of the dogs lived outside and were really just yard dogs—except for Chester, a beautiful chocolate Labrador!!  Chester was different. Chester belonged to another family in our county as a puppy. The first family treated Chester well and took good care of him, but Chester liked to roam. That’s how he ended up at our neighbor’s house. Chester roamed so regularly over to our neighbor’s house that eventually the first family gave Chester to our neighbors.

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Giants in the Land

Giants in the Land

By Mike McCrary

The land through which we have gone, in spying it out, is a land that devours its inhabitants; and all the people whom we saw in it are men of great size (Numbers 13:32).

As you look out over the landscape of your own life, you may see some very real problems. There are giants in the land. They aren’t living, breathing Canaanites, but they’re a big deal to you – fear and guilt and worry – not to mention the really big sources of pain like losing a child or watching a parent grow old.

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Are You Ready for Love?

Are You Ready for Love?

JulieFer From Julie Ferwerda:


Many people never stop to ask this critical question, partly because they don’t want to face the answer. But rushing into relationships can cause so much harm unless you’re truly ready to be attached. Before you cruise down the road to love, check out some reasons why any date (or mate) at this point in time would be dangerously premature.

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Single Purpose: Lee Warren and Julie Ferwerda

Defining the Relationship

LeeW By Lee warren

Lee Warren is an author, an editor, and freelance writer from Omaha, Nebraska.

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Defining the Relationship We are one week into our month of GIVE-AWAYS! Do you have questions about the singles life? Relationships? The Bible? Purity? Life issues? Post your questions to the blog and for the next three weeks, we’ll draw names and the lucky winner that week will receive either a copy of “Single Servings: 90 Devotions to Feed your Soul,” or “The Perfect Fit: Piecing Together True Love”! Each Thursday, we’ll post winners and tell you how to claim your prize! This week’s winner is “Jesus Freaks Rock.” Congratulations! You will be contacted with further instructions for claiming Julie’s book, “The Perfect Fit: piecing together true love.” Defining the Relationship Jesus Freaks Rock (JFR) asked: “I’m in a relationship right now, and even though we are not boyfriend and girlfriend, we have committed our relationship to the Lord . . . My question is what is the next step after committing our relationship to the Lord?”

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By Laura Petherbridge: True repentance is mandatory.

True repentance is mandatory.

People who commit adultery often justify the act. How can you tell if someone is sincerely repentant? If we look at King David in Psalm 51 we see a man who is deeply sorrowful for his sin. A remorseful person recognizes and confesses the pain and suffering they have caused others. Humility doesn’t demand, justify or make excuses. It admits, “I am to blame, no one else. I deserve any and all consequences for my actions. If you never forgive me, I understand. I’m the one who broke the covenant. I violated the trust and I do not deserve another chance. If you are willing, I’ll do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to earn your trust again.”

Many people list financial stress, a tumultuous home, a neglectful or abusive spouse, or relationship boredom as the reasons they had an affair. But those are all symptoms of marital breakdown.


Laura_Petherbridge_SMBy Laura Petherbridge an international author and speaker who serves couples and single adults with topics on relationships, divorce prevention, and divorce recovery. She is the author of When “I Do” Becomes “I Don’t” — Practical Steps for Healing During Separation and Divorce, and a featured expert on the DivorceCare DVD series. Her newest book, The Smart Stepmom, will be released in September of 2009. For more info, go to

WorldReach – Enjoying the Gift of Mobility – Operation Blessing – French Africa

WorldReach – Enjoying the Gift of Mobility – Operation Blessing – French Africa

CBN WorldReach – Sah Kengne: A Prisoner Covered by God’s Mercy

CBN WorldReach – Sah Kengne: Prisoner Covered by God’s Mercy

According to the CBN World, Sah Kengne Magloire  ” is a victime of  circumstances. He comes from a large family with 25 siblings.  Sah is the second child and the first male in his family.”

He became a member of a gang and leraned the way to earn “quick” money.

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