Guatemala on alert in wake of volcanic eruption

Guatemala (MNN) ― Guatemala’s Pacaya volcanic eruption late last week prompted a state of public emergency in its capital city. It’s expected to last at least 15 days, because the volcano is unstable. Orphan Outreach’s Gloria Caceres says those living nearest the volcano have been evacuated.  “About 1000 families from the areas near to the volcano had to go to shelters since the volcano erupted big rocks and tons of lava.” Read more of this post

Koreans call for prayer as North-South tensions rise

SEOUL, South Korea (BP)–Christian leaders on the Korean Peninsula are calling for prayer as tensions escalate between North and South Korea.

A 1,200-ton South Korean warship, the Cheonan, sank March 26 after a North Korean submarine launched a torpedo attack, killing 46 South Korean sailors in one of the South’s worst military disasters since the 1950-53 Korean War. During her May visit to Seoul, South Korea, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised the full support of the U.S. government as South Korea seeks U.N. sanctions against the North. Read more of this post

Churches criticise ‘weak’ commitments on nuclear disarmament

An alliance of nine churches has condemned the failure of nuclear-weapon states to agree a timetable for nuclear disarmament at last week’s conference in New York.

The conference ended on Friday with a deal affirming the commitment of Britain, China, France, Russia and the US to reducing their nuclear weapons stockpiles, and the Middle East to becoming a nuclear-free region. Read more of this post

Another graduation prayer, another investigation

Associated Press smallHAVRE, MT – The ACLU of Montana is asking the state Board of Regents to investigate whether the invocation and benediction given during the Montana State University-Northern graduation ceremony unconstitutionally promoted Christianity. Read more of this post

Dallas-based ComStar Media’s goal is clean TV, not televangelism, founders say

By SHERYL JEAN / The Dallas Morning News

Dallas — Chris Wyatt, founder of a Christian version of YouTube, first met the Rev. Robert A. Schuller as a guest on Schuller’s former television show, Hour of Power, in 2007.

“When I shook his hand, I had a revelation that I knew he would be my future son-in-law even though he had never met my daughter,” said Schuller, one of the nation’s biggest televangelists until a family fallout in late 2008. “Three months later, he asked for my daughter’s hand.” Read more of this post

Russian Ministries brings love of Christ to disadvantaged children

At former communist campgrounds, that once indoctrinated children that there is no God, thousands of needy children across the former Soviet Union will learn about the gift of hope in Christ this summer.

At least 5,000 children across Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Chechnya, the Northern Caucasus and Central Asia will take part in at least one hundred camps coordinated by Russian Ministries in the coming months. Read more of this post

Pastor Jim Cymbala: An Afternoon with CeCe Winans

May 30, 2010

Main Sanctuary; 17 Smith Street

Join us at 3:00PM for Gospel Artist, CeCe Winans live at The Brooklyn Tabernacle. All seats free, no reservations.

Event Location : Main Sanctuary; 17 Smith Street Read more of this post

History in the making as Bible Society launches Luke’s Gospel in Patois

by Charlie Boyd

The launch of the Gospel of Luke in Jamaican Patois has been hailed a “quantum leap” for language’s five million speakers in Jamaica and worldwide.

The audio format of the Gospel of Luke was launched during a Pentecost Day service at Christian Life City Church in Hackney, London, ahead of its launch in Jamaica in August where it will be made available as a CD. Read more of this post

Church health-bent on physical, fiscal and spiritual well-being

By Electa Draper |The Denver Post

Shorter Community African Methodist Episcopal Church is ready for its checkup.

The Rev. Timothy E. Tyler’s finger is on the pulse of this congregation of roughly 1,200, and he has a vision of vitality that includes fiscal, physical and spiritual health. Read more of this post

Mourners flee during funeral as church floor collapses

By David O’Reilly Inquirer Staff Writer

North Philadelphia — An estimated 250 mourners fled a North Philadelphia church Friday morning when the floor collapsed during a funeral for a man shot by police. No one was injured at the Second Baptist Church of Nicetown on the 3800 block of Germantown Avenue, but the event frightened mourners and neighbors. Read more of this post