Billy Graham may preach at stadium in Charlotte

According to Ruth Graham, the 91-year-old evangelist is preparing a sermon and he’s building up the strength he’ll need to preach to a large stadium crowd.

Billy Graham’s daughter says she had no idea a firestorm would erupt when she told a reporter that her father wants to preach again, possibly at the Carolina Panthers football stadium near Charlotte, N.C., where he was born.

She also said : ” there is no family fallout, but Tuesday it seemed Billy Graham’s public relations team was working quickly to get everyone on the same page.”
The preparations could take until next year, but her father is confident he’ll be able to do it.

Billy Graham in the pulpit again? Maybe.

Billy Graham may preach again – at least on video.

That’s according to Franklin Graham. He said his 91-year-old father, whose last crusade was five years ago in New York, still has a message he wants to deliver.

In a recent interview, the younger Graham also gave me a preview of what we’ll see when the Billy Graham Library reopens next week. And he talked about his meeting last week with former Vice President Al Gore, who stopped in Charlotte to ask Graham to meet with some evangelical Christians who are working with him on environmental issues.

“I suggested he should get Sarah Palin involved. She loves Alaska,” Graham said. “It’s going to take something like Al Gore and Sarah Palin (working together) to get people’s attention and save the planet.”

More details on that and the library later. But first: Is Billy Graham really thinking about coming out of retirement to preach one more time?

That’s what daughter Anne Graham Lotz, a Raleigh-based evangelist, told some reporters in Missouri last month, adding that the Graham family “is praying that he’ll have that opportunity.”

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