Global Day of Prayer: 216 Nations are currently taking part

The Pentecost Global Day of Prayer: Sunday 23 May 2010 is a very unique day in the Christian calendars, when the Eastern Orthodox tradition of “Kneeling Day” and the Western tradition of “Pentecost Sunday” converge on the same day. Thus the 10 year celebration of the Global Day of Prayer is very significant in that hundreds of millions of Christians from all over the world will kneel simultaneously in a day of repentance and united prayer before God,  expecting the glory of the God to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. (Hab.2:14)

216 Nations are currently taking part – and the aim is to get all 220 nations involved.

Across the British Isles we have events around Scotland; in Armagh for whole of Ireland; in Swansea, Wales; St. Hellier, Jersey; c26 venues in England and in every borough in London.

The 90 Days of Blessing follows the Global Day of Prayer as an opportunity for Christians to not only continue in persistent prayer, but to actually become the answers to their prayers. This is an excellent opportunity to challenge the youth and children to go to the neglected places to pray and serve. Their nature is to be there where they can make the difference, so let’s join them in becoming a transformation force in our communities!

Today (Ascension Day) sees the start of 10 days of day and night prayer as Christians from every nation link up across the globe. As we emerge from the last few days of political uncertainty ‘perhaps that is a good moment to reflect on the fact that Ascension Day falls this week. What is the connection? Well, Ascension Day is essentially about Jesus taking up a place of “all power and authority, in heaven and on earth”, about Jesus being received “at the right hand of the Father”, about the King receiving his rightful position on the throne of God. Ascension is all about the rule and government of Jesus’ from Bob Dunnett – blog.

  • A time to praise and declare Jesus is Lord!
  • A time to pray that those who are leading our nations will be given the wisdom they need.
  • A time for the Church to pray & serve all those newly elected in local and national government.
  • A time to join in praying for the needs of our nation and our world

The Prayer Guide will challenge you to continue your prayer efforts, but also to become physically involved in the places that we normally pray for. This is our opportunity to become vessels of blessing through prayer and action. You are encouraged to adapt and publish the prayer guide given to you in a way that suits your specific needs. For more go to :

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