The Muslim teenager who converted to Christianity Being Treated for Cancer

Ohio — The Muslim teenager from Ohio who converted to Christianity and fled to Florida in fear of retaliation is being treated for an “aggressive” form of uterine cancer, a close friend told Fathima Rifqa Bary, 17, has undergone two operations and has a third scheduled for Thursday, said Jamal Jivanjee, an ordained pastor who heads an Orlando-based ministry.

“The biopsy did come back malignant,” Jivanjee told “It’s a pretty aggressive form of uterine cancer.”

Doctors had initially considered a complete hysterectomy, Jivanjee said, but they are hopeful that the complete removal of Bary’s uterus won’t be necessary.

“She really wants people to pray for her,” he said. “That was why the decision was made to get the news out there.”

Jivanjee, who met Bary roughly 18 months ago when they lived in Columbus, Ohio, said the teenager informed him of her health concerns just a few days ago. Bary is now living with a foster family in Columbus after losing a court battle last year to stay in Florida, he said.

“She really likes this foster family,” Jivanjee said. “She’s being treated very well.”

Jivanjee characterized Bary’s situation as “very serious” in an e-mail to supporters obtained by More go to

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