Chuck Pierce: A Blow Out is Coming!

Dear Harvesters: The time of Scripture reading and prayer on the land last Wednesday was refreshing and powerful! From 6 AM until noon, teams read the Word and “seeded” the heavens with the manifold wisdom of God. Janice Swinney came forward and said, “I saw a quarter in the gravel. When I picked it up, I heard the Lord say, ‘For all who will hear My gathering call to this place, it will provide seed for their sowing.'” At noon, many (approximately 300) gathered and we loosed the blessings associated with the Pentecost Feast. Even as the wind began to blow stronger and stronger, we declared that a new wind of the Spirit was stirring in the earth today.

The Lord began to speak and John Dickson began to sing:

We have come out to this land with joy in our hearts.
We will dance, dance, dance on this new land.
We have come out to dance.
See the trees! See them clap their hands today.
Now we’ll join with the trees and clap our hands.
There’s a wind that’s blowing.
We don’t know where it’s coming from or where this wind is going!
There’s a wind that’s blowing.
Let it blow. Let it blow.
The wind is like the Spirit of God,
We know not where it’s going.
Let it blow. Let it blow.

Seed the Clouds of War

I could hear the Lord saying that we were scattering seeds of praise into the heavens. Tongues began to come forth and I began to prophesy:

A BLOW OUT is coming! As this blow out is coming, seeds that have been stored will be blown out all over the earth. The seeds are going to produce a special kind of fruit, a fruit of healing. You will distribute the fruit to those who are desolate, those in inner cities, and those who are incurable. They will eat of this fruit and healing and awakening will spread through their bodies.

“War clouds are high above you. Because the wind is blowing, some nations that thought they would not be in war will now feel war coming into their midst. I am positioning war conflicts in the earth for the future. Do not fear the earthly conflicts. Rise up, My people, with victory and overcoming in your heart, for war is being positioned in Eastern Europe again, and the Middle East. War is being positioned in Asia. Taiwan is being positioned for victory in conflict.

You must rise up with praise and seed the clouds of war. Praise changes your warfare atmosphere. Over the warfare that you are in and the war that is going on in your life, rise up and seed those war clouds with praise, and praise will cause Me to come down in the midst of your war.”

I Am Leveling You Out

“The maze you’ve been in and how you’ve been wandering in this maze is now shifting. The opening is now being blown in front of you. You are coming out of that maze that you’ve been in. For in that maze you couldn’t find all of what I had for you. Now you’re coming out of your maze and you’ll go into others’ mazes and bring them out. You’ll say, ‘I’ve conquered the maze structure! Therefore, Lord, send me into mazes all over the earth and I will bring many out of their maze.’

“You’ve been seesawing back and forth, but now, in the midst of your seesawing, I am leveling you out. Instead of seesawing and sitting you will stand in the middle of My fulcrum. You will jump into a place you’ve not been before. You’ve been seesawing because your internal structure has been at the core of your vision. But now I am forcing you out. I am forcing you out of your up and down emotional base!

I am showing you the houses and I am showing you the land. I’m showing you the people and I am causing you to stand. Come out. Come out. Come out, for if you will come out you will be like a river that will flood through the streets that have been dry. Come out and let the river rise and blow the river through the streets of desolate cities.”

Manna Will Begin to Blow

Brian Kooiman, Anne Tate, Linda Heidler, Jack Smith, Jimmy Tidwell, and Deborah Degar went forward to prophesy:

“Today My wind is stirring. My wind is stirring. Look again! Look again! Look to the nations across northern Africa, for My wind will blow! My wind will blow! This will be a day when My people recognize that a wind can come from Heaven that has a sound that rushes, topples obstacles, and stirs the land. For even as in a desert where the sands would blow, this is a day that My manna, or supply for your needs, will begin to blow.

“Look for a pouring out of manna, for manna will once again begin to fall. Your needs will be met! Your supply will not fall like it did in the last season! Don’t look for something on the ground (as in the days of Moses), but manna will begin to blow through your atmosphere. Lift your eyes! Lift your eyes! My word and My provision, will be real to you this day.

“In this season I am doing a new thing and as I am doing a new thing, I’m going to align you in a new way. The old way of being a missionary, the old way of being sent out, I am breaking the power of that today. That will be the old. I will send you out in a new anointing and in a new way. You will have a Sabbath rest.

“There will be a voice on the wind. Just as the Lord came in the cool of the day to seek out Adam and Eve, My voice is going to be on the wind seeking out people who have gone into hiding, that have been ashamed of their sin. My voice is going to seek them out and say, ‘Son, daughter, where are you? Where are you?'”

Lord, we loose Your wind and Your voice is going to come on the wind.


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

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3 Responses to Chuck Pierce: A Blow Out is Coming!

  1. debra says:

    Hello, I am looking for a song by you or Glory of Zion called Dance, Dance, Dance. Do you know how I can locate this song? It was recommended to me by Michele Vela for choreography. I’ll be looking to hear from you. Blessings,

  2. kelly says:

    you can call glory of zion at 888 965 1099 or940 382 5352

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