New Development in Israel: Temple Mount Police Allow Rabbi to Prostrate Himself in Prayer

Teresa Neumann

Jerusalem — “In ancient times, Jews who ascended the Mount fully prostrated themselves as part of the prayers there. The regular Jewish prayer services in synagogues include several instances of bowing in the direction of the synagogue’s Torah Ark, and partial prostration is carried out on some holidays.”

FOUNDING EDITOR’S NOTE: While these Orthodox Rabbi’s do not accept Jesus (Yeshua), might it be the beginning of Israel finally realizing they need something more than their rituals? Might it be that G-D is preparing them to receive even the Messiah? We know that day WILL COME. -Steve Shultz, BCN.

On the Mount(Jerusalem, Israel)—A report from Arutz Sheva states that on May 25 a large group of hareidi-religious Jews ascended the Temple Mount and received friendly service from the police there—unlike the harsh police treatment that Jews typically receive on the Mount in recent years. One of the Jews was even reportedly allowed to fully prostrate himself in prayer, facing in the direction of the location of the ancient Temple—which is now occupied by a Muslim mosque.

(Photo: Israel National News)

Not only was the group’s ascension not blocked at the Mount, as in previous attempts on Passover, but police on the Mount were even courteous and friendly. Says the report, “They were gripped by excitement when one of the rabbis prostrated himself facing the presumed location of the Temple’s Holy of Holies in ancient times. Police allowed this religious act as well.”

According to the report, Jews are usually forbidden from openly praying or even mumbling prayers on the Mount, as part of an Israeli policy of complying with Muslim Wakf’s demands in this matter.

Noted reporter Gil Ronen, “It is not completely clear whether the friendly police attitude Tuesday was a fluke or a sign of changing attitudes.”

Temple Mount activist Yosef Rabin told Arutz Sheva that the event is a significant one. “There has been a long running effort to bring hareidim to the Mount and now it is starting to take root…It seems that everyone has followed the hareidi lead when it comes to Har HaBayit [Temple Mount], and now that hareidim are starting to go, we might start seeing a tremendous wave of all types.”

Source: Gil Ronen – Israel National News

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