Israel’s right to defend itself, its citizens

Chad Groening | OneNewsNow

A pro-family organization is calling on President Obama to stand squarely with Israel in the controversy over Israel’s conflict with a flotilla of “humanitarian” ships from Turkey.

The Jewish state has come under almost universal world condemnation for using deadly force in dealing with the crew of a Turkish ship trying to run a blockade to Gaza. Nine crew members were killed in the commando raid after they attacked and beat Israelis trying to inspect the ship. One Israeli soldier was thrown off an upper deck and fell 30 feet to the deck below, sustaining significant head injuries. (See earlier article)US and Israeli flags

During an interview on PBS on Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden said “it’s legitimate” for Israel to question what is on ships destined for Hamas-controlled Gaza. “Israel has an absolute right to deal with its security interest,” Biden stated on the Charlie Rose show. In addition, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters during a Tuesday briefing that the Obama administration is “greatly supportive” of Israel’s security and “that’s not going to change.”
Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, leads an annual tour of the Holy Land. He says the Israelis clearly have the right to defend themselves.

“They have to protect their citizens — and you can’t let ships go into Gaza unchecked because they could be bringing in atomic weapons, for all you know,” says the AFA leader. “So this was the appropriate response of the Israeli government. And I don’t know how you can fairly look at this and condemn them in any way for the actions that they took.”

Tim WildmonWildmon says his organization has issued a clarion call for the president to take a public stand on Israel’s behalf.

“President Obama is…demonstrating some weakness in supporting Israel, at the very least,” he states. “Some say he’s pro-Muslim. And of course we know that many of the terrorist organizations around the world are Muslim-based, so it’s a problem.”

Wildmon notes that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and the only reliable ally America has in the region. So he is encouraging those who support Israel to urge the president to take a public stand on Israel’s behalf.

Source :  OneNewsNow


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