Writers from 30 Chinese Provinces Join Philip Yancey for Biblica Workshop

COLORADO SPRINGS — Recently nearly 100 writers, editors, professors, and Christian leaders traveled from 30 Chinese provinces to attend an all-day writing workshop near Shanghai led by best-selling author Philip Yancey. The workshop was provided by Biblica as part of the last leg of the Biblica Asia Pacific tour to celebrate Biblica’s 200th anniversary of global ministry.

“We initially expected perhaps 50 attendees, but we easily surpassed that number with almost 100 attendees,” said Biblica Northeast Asia Executive Area Director Richard Loh. “People came from long distances to attend. Philip Yancey did a marvelous job and the workshop helped them tremendously. At first, attendees were reluctant to ask questions, but Philip was very gracious and by the end of the seminar they had so many questions that we went over our allotted time.”

The workshop was 18 months in the planning. It was coordinated through China’s Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) and the China Christian Council (CCC), the two governing bodies for China’s Christian church. Prior to the workshop, the Rev. Xu Xiao Hong, TSPM General Secretary, hosted a dinner for members of the Biblica Asia Pacific tour, including Biblica International CEO Keith Danby, Biblica Asia Pacific Group Vice President Somporn Sirikolkarn, and Loh.

Biblica presented the Rev. Xu and other TPSM/CCC Chinese dignitaries and workshop attendees with copies of the newly revised Chinese Contemporary New Testament with Proverbs. The Book of Proverbs was added to give readers a taste of the Old Testament revision that will complete the full Bible slated to release at year end.

The Chinese Contemporary Bible will provide the more than 894 million Chinese-speaking people worldwide with a clear, easy-to-read, contemporary Bible version. “The Chinese Contemporary Bible translation will go a long way toward helping people–especially seekers, young Christians, and a modern audience–easily understand God’s Word in their own language,” Loh said.

The China visit concluded Biblica’s 200th-anniversary celebration and Asia Pacific tour that began in Manila, Philippines, with the release of the Tagalog and Cebuano Bible translations. The tour continued through Singapore and Thailand. In Singapore, Biblica released the new Chinese Contemporary New Testament (with Proverbs) and co-organized a half-day writing seminar led by Philip Yancey for an audience of more than 550 people.
About Biblica
Celebrating more than 200 years in ministry, Biblica provides God’s Word to people through translation, publishing, and Bible engagement. Biblica’s ministry extends worldwide, with outreach in 55 countries. Biblica has translated the Bible in more than 100 languages and is the translation sponsor and ministry publisher of the New International Version® (NIV®) of the Bible, the most widely read and trusted contemporary English translation. Through its worldwide reach, Biblica engages people with God’s Word so lives are transformed through a relationship with Jesus Christ. For more information, visit

Source: CNW


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