Disciple Making Conference Planned for Chicago and New York

ITASCA , Ill.– Conferences in the Chicago and New York areas will bring participating churches to the next level in disciple-making effectiveness, Life Spring Network announced.

“The Great Commission is to make disciples, not just introduce people to Christ, vital as that is,” said Rev. Jason Pankau, president of the ministry. Through such training events Life Spring Network seeks to energize a disciple-making movement in which church members are mentoring one another. The result is expected to be a reversal of the current trend in which the broader secular culture is making “disciples” of secular behavior inside churches.

Making a special appearance at each conference will be two well-regarded Christian thought leaders. In Chicago, participants will hear an address by Eric Metaxas, author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy — A Righteous Gentile vs. the Third Reich, his new and highly acclaimed biography of one of one of the seminal theologians of the last century. In New York, the special address will be by Dr. McKenzie Pier, President of The New York City Leadership Center, who will place the discipleship movement into historical context.

Pastors and other church leaders will learn how to lead their churches through a complete transformation, not a mere series of additional programs. The research and insights presented at the conference are based on the need to create a “connection culture” where believers are connected with God, one another and their calling to servanthood in the world. A community that is connected in these ways is better equipped to reach out in effective disciple making according to Rev. Pankau and the research the Life Spring Network ministry has conducted.

The main speakers at the conference include Rev. Pankau, a former church planter and pastor who developed the materials that make up the Omega Experience, as the church-wide campaign is called, and Michael Stallard, president of E Pluribus Partners, a leadership training and development firm. Rev. Pankau and Mr. Stallard are co-authors of the best-selling book Fired Up or Burned Out (Thomas Nelson Publishers).

Registration is now open for the conference in Chicago on June 10 & 11, and the conference in New York on July 23 & 24. Pastors, elders, and other leaders interested in attending will find information and registration details by visiting www.lifespringnetwork.org or by clicking HERE.

Source : Christian Newswire


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