Sestak and Romanoff – ‘elements’ of a crime

Chad Groening | OneNewsNow

A legal scholar and former commissioner on the Federal Election Commission believes the revelation that the White House approached a Colorado Senate candidate about a possible job to drop out of the race could be problematical for the Obama administration.

Hans von Spakovsky is senior legal fellow and manager of the Civil Justice Reform Initiative at The Heritage Foundation. He believes federal law may have been violated.

“It fits squarely within a provision of the federal code which makes it a federal crime to promise somebody a job in exchange for future political activity,” he explains, “and another federal code provision that makes it a crime to use a federal job to interfere with a primary election. So you’ve got all the elements of a possible violation of federal law here.”

Von Spakovsky believes the Justice Department needs to interview all those involved in this matter, including officials at the White House, to find out what really happened and if federal law had been violated.

The New York Times reported last week that the White House confirmed it had approached Colorado Democrat Andrew Romanoff about a job to head off “a costly battle between two supporters.” But the White House statement added Romanov said he was committed to the race, and that that ended the discussion without any formal job offer.

Romanov, who is challenging incumbent Senator Michael Bennet in the Democratic primary, said that the White House suggested several jobs with the administration in an effort to get him to drop out of the race, much as it did with Joe Sestak in the recent Pennsylvania primary.

Source :  OneNewsNow


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