Jesus Ultrasound Poster Fuels U.K. Abortion Uproar

by Ethan Cole | Christian Post Reporter

A newly revealed poster picturing the ultrasound of an unborn Jesus with a halo is adding fuel to the abortion ad uproar in the United Kingdom.

ChurchAds.Net’s “Baby-Scan Jesus” poster, which will be used for a 2010 Christmas campaign, has already started stirring debate months before the holiday season. Although the poster’s creators say it is meant to spark conversation about the meaning of Christmas, critics of the poster say it is too political and see it as a counterattack on the recent first-ever TV ad for abortion services. (Photo:

“It gives the impression that it was politically motivated, that they are trying to put across some sort of subliminal message,” said Terry Sanderson, director of the National Secular Society, according to U.K.-based The Guardian. “The image is too specifically associated with pro-lifers to be seen in a benign context.”

Sanderson added, “They should go back to angels and cribs.”                                            Photo:

The poster message reads: “He’s on His Way: Christmas starts with Christ.” The group explained that the poster idea came from the 21st-century convention that proud parents-to-be show the ultrasound of their baby to family and friends.

“Our new Baby-scan Jesus poster uses this convention to place the birth of Christ in an ultra-contemporary context,” the group explained. “It is highly impactful. It has a sense of immediacy. It creates anticipation. And theologically it speaks of both the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ.”

The revelation of the poster comes just weeks after Britain’s Channel 4 began airing the nation’s first-ever TV ad for abortion services. The abortion ad shows women alone and asks “Are you late?” referring to a woman missing her period. It ends with contact information for abortion provider Marie Stopes International.

Channel 4 and the Advertising Standards Authority have collectively received nearly 1,000 complaints about the airing of the Marie Stopes ad. For more go to ChristianPost


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