Discovery: Shoes That the Sons of Adam or Abraham Would Have Worn

by David Derbyshire | TheDailyMail

Previously, the oldest known footwear was sandals made from plants found in a cave in Missouri.

(Armenia)—The discovery of a 5,500 year old size 4 shoe in the region of the “Cradle of Civilization” has Dr. Ron Pinhasi of University College Cork calling it the “discovery of a lifetime.”

The shoe, which was found in a cave, was reportedly so well preserved that its lacing is still intact.

According to a report in The Daily Mail, the shoe was worn by an early farmer living in the mountains of Vayotz Dzor province of Armenia close to the border of modern-day Turkey and Iran.

Researcher Dr. Gregory Areshian, of the University of California, Los Angeles, said: “We couldn’t believe the discovery. The crusts had sealed the artifacts and archaeological deposits and artifacts remained fresh dried, just like they were put in a can.”    (Photo Reuters)

Interestingly, the article stated that the previous oldest known footwear were sandals made from plants found in a cave in Missouri, dated a few hundred years after the Armenian shoe.

Source: TheDailyMail


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