Nicolas Sarkozy ‘bans tall workers from factory walkabout’

Paris — French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been accused of banning tall workers from attending a factory walkabout – because they will make him look too short. The 5ft 5ins tall leader is alleged to have sent aides to the plant ahead of an official visit, to stop anyone over 5ft 6 ins from appearing alongside him.

The claims come just a week after Mr Sarkozy was reported to have banned tall bodyguards from his presidential protection team.

Mr Sarkozy, who wears platform heels to disguise his size, is due to visit the Turbomeca areonatics factory near Toulouse on June 22.

But local paper the Republique des Pyrenees said he sent two staff to there first to ‘whittle out the tall ones’.

One unnamed engineer working there told the paper: “I am almost six feet tall, and I was told I was not allowed near the official reception group.”

The paper commented: “It seems people at the factory decided it was better to yield to the president’s wishes than face exile to the land of the pygmies.”

Last year Mr Sarkozy was accused of deliberately picking short people to appear alongside him in TV footage on another factory visit. The claim was made by a woman who said she was chosen to stand next to the 5ft 5 ins French president when he visited Faurecia car plants site in Normandy because she was shorter than him. Read more at


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