Christian Uzbeks flee from ethnic violence to religious persecution

Uzbekistan — After over 100,000 Uzbeks fled to Uzbekistan, away from the ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan has closed its borders to all but the injured, according to CNN.

Russian Ministries has affiliates in Ukraine, informing them of the rapidly-deteriorating situation. Their sources said Christians are among the refugees in the Uzbek refugee camps, and they are seeking to lend aid and comfort to the survivors.

However, as they spread Christ’s love, they do so in a country rife with religious persecution. While Kyrgyzstan, with a rank of 49, barely makes Open Doors World Watch List of 50 countries, Uzbekistan is ranked 10th and labeled as a place where Christians experience intense persecution and oppression.

Additionally, AsiaNews reported Christians and Muslims alike are facing imprisonment and torture for false accusations. However, in Tashkent–Uzbekistan’s capital city, the Religious Affairs Committee threatened to strip the registration and freedom to practice religious activities from more churches if Christians continued to complain about mistreatment. Already, over the past four years, authorities have taken away seven churches’ registrations for unfounded reasons, according to Forum 18.

As Uzbek Christians have angry Kyrgyz at their backs and religious intolerant Uzbek authorities in front of them, they are trapped between a rock and a hard place.

Pray for courage among these Christians. Pray that they will lean on Christ for strength and find comfort in His Word.

Visit Russian Ministries’ Web site for updates on the situation and to support their ministry.

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