Could Divorce Really Be ‘Contagious’?

A new study by researchers at the Universities of California, Brown and Harvard found that divorce can spread among people in the same social networks.

In simpler terms, a decision to divorce can lead to divorce among friends, family, even co-workers.

Dr. Linda Mintle, a licensed marriage and family therapist, appeard on CBN Newschannel’s Morning program for more insight on the topic.

According to the study, people who have a friend who is divorcing are 147 percent more likely to get divorced themselves.

Having a divorced co-worker raises a person’s chances by 55 percent.

And people with a divorced sibling are 22 percent more likely to split from their spouses.

Researchers call it “social contagion” — the spread of behavior or emotion through a social group. Click here to watch the interview at

Source: cbnnews


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