Luke Holter: Do You Not Know that the River is a Real Tangible Thing?

I have been in a place of prayer for the Western Church and for what the Lord wants to do in this now season, and I keep finding that the Holy Spirit is beckoning us to a place of spiritual maturity and wisdom. The Lord wants us to partner with Him in bringing Heaven to earth. We can walk in a supernatural realm right now here on earth if we so choose. Many churches are “talking” about Heaven invading earth. But we can attain this reality in a very basic and simple way…the secret is relationship with the Father.

When you set yourself apart in real intimate relationship with the Father, His presence and glory literally emanate from us. When we acknowledge the presence of God in us and on us, then we become aware of the fruit of personal relationship. See, we are sewing into our relationship with the Lord and thus we reap the fruit of that relationship.

Carve Yourself a River Bed to Hold the River

Peter walked in this kind of a reality with the Lord. People would lay out the sick and dying hoping that even Peter’s shadow would hit the people and set them free. Peter brought Heaven to earth through

Luke Holter

relationship. Jesus set the prime example of this reality for us; by bringing Heaven to earth He made it an accessible reality for all of us. I am consumed, desperate, and hungry for this reality to be a common occurrence in the Western Church. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “It’s attainable right now for every Believer. We long to send the River all over the Western Church.”

Recently, I was in a service and the minister was talking about the River of God being in the place of worship. I was deep in prayer, just dialoging with the Holy Spirit, and so as I often do, I asked Holy Spirit about His river being in our midst. The Spirit spoke to me and said, “My son, do you not know that the River is a real tangible thing? The River of God is made up of the very nature and character of God Himself. Everything in Heaven is from God and of God. We are looking for those whom have carved out river beds in their lives through lining up with the Nature and Character of God—those who have an intimate relationship with Us.”

All Things Are Accessible to Us Who Believe

There is so much reward to us who love God and walk according to His Word, will, and way. We have all things accessible to us who believe. The question is: “Are you setting yourself apart for the Lord?” Because once you walk humbly in relationship with the Lord, Heaven coming down is a matter of your internal life coming forth. There are many who have just charisma, but there are also those who have real power because of being in relationship with Jesus. The Spirit spoke to me and said, “We are not after membership, but rather We are after relationship.”

I believe that we are on the twilight of great things in God, but we must be wise virgins and make sure that we are prepared for what is coming. We must allow the Holy Spirit to carve out a foundation in our character to receive the character and nature of Jesus. We want to be a place where His presence can rest and manifest itself in us and through us.

Luke Holter
Prophetic Sheep Ministries


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2 Responses to Luke Holter: Do You Not Know that the River is a Real Tangible Thing?

  1. Ron says:

    I believe God is on a man and woman hunt just as our adversy the devil is seeking people to destoy .Our father in heaven is searching for men and women to raise up to carry out his will and not their will in the earth to set at liberty all who may be oppress in some form or fashion. God Reigns !!Ron Let the apostles and prophets step forward.

  2. Beth says:

    They are coming….the Lord is definitely bringing them forth….

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