Bishop TD Jakes : Essence Music Festival

Date : July 3

Time: 5:00pm

Location: Essence Music Festival
Essence Magazine
Louisiana Superdome
Superbowl Drive
New Orleans, LA 70112

Schedule is subject to change. For more information visit:

About TD Jakes:

Bishop T.D. Jakes IS A QUINTESSENTIAL LEADER. Known for his service to the church and the global community, his heartfelt efforts have made worldwide impact. He is a man at the forefront of philanthropy, a best-selling author, and most of all a premier contemporary spiritual voice.

Bishop Jakes has global reach through missions around the world, record-breaking events, and weekly, with his diverse congregation at The Potter’s House, where he shares his message of hope, inspiration and God’s love with over 30 thousand members there in Dallas, Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth community is also home to Clay Academy, the college preparatory school for leaders of the next generation; the Metroplex Economic Development Corporation, a resource for aspiring entrepreneurs; and Capella Park, a charming single-family housing development.

Having written over 30 books, Bishop Jakes is a New York Times best-selling author several times over! One of his most recent runaway successes, REPOSITION YOURSELF: Living Life Without Limits, has over a half-million copies in print in less than a year’s time! His message is also communicated in print and broadcast media through interviews and features in Time, Forbes, and Essence magazines, the Washington Post, USA TODAY, CNN, Fox News and more. His life-enriching wisdom is highly sought after, from the pulpit to TV screens across the country—as seen on his many appearances on the Dr. Phil show. Read more.


One Response to Bishop TD Jakes : Essence Music Festival

  1. BOLEDI says:

    i am looking for a female electrician artisan position could u pray for me to find this job

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