Hip Hop Pastor Documents Big Christian Movement in Asia 10/40

by Michelle A. Vu|Christian Post Reporter

Western churches either do not know or know very little about the large Christian movement occurring in Asia’s 10/40 Window, said hip hop artist and pastor Jaseon Ma.

Ma wants to change that.

His new documentary film, “1040,” takes viewers on a journey through Asian countries located in the 10/40 Window – the regions between 10 degrees and 40 degrees North Latitude where the core of the world’s unreached people live.

Within these perimeters lie the world’s largest church, a surprisingly sizeable Christian population in the world’s most populous Muslim country, and more than 100 million believers living under China’s communist rule.

“I’ve been traveling back and forth between Asia and the U.S. for the last ten years as a pastor and as a motivational speaker and evangelist,” said Ma to The Christian Post. “I saw God move in such a dramatic way in Asia. … I truly believe that the greatest movement of God is happening in Asia today.”

Christianity’s Growth in Asia

A hundred years ago, Christians made up less than one percent of the population in South Korea, Ma pointed out. Today, the largest church in the world, Yoido Full Gospel Church with nearly a million members, is located in South Korea.

In Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, local church leaders say more than 20 percent of the population is Christian. U.S. statistics usually say only 10 percent of Indonesia is Christian, he noted.

And in China, the Christian population grew from about a million to more than 100 million within about 50 years.

“These are stories, these are statistics that most people who are followers of Jesus and lovers of God have no idea that these things are happening,” Ma emphasized. “I want to tell that story.”

The fast-talking and passionate, young pastor from Northern California stated that the 10/40 Window has changed. No longer can Asian countries be seen only as a mission field because some have turned into a “mission force.” Read more.


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