A corrupted soul has no benchmarks – Wade

by Kemo Cham | AfricaNewsreporter

Dakar, Senegal — Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade has promised to create a special court for economic crimes to ensure speedy prosecution of cases as a means of curtailing what he termed a “scourge of modern times.” Sounding rather philosophical, Wade said “a corrupt soul is a soul that does not fix,” because it has broken away from the principles of ethics. And he added: “A corrupted soul has no benchmarks.”

Wade told a sub regional forum in Dakar on the implementation of the UN convention against corruption and strengthening capacity of national institutions in West Africa that theft and misappropriation have more negative effects on Africa than the developed world, “because our resources are scarce.”

Opposition against labelling Africa

The Dakar forum also served as an opportunity for the Senegalese leader to reiterate his strongly expressed opposition to what he sees as an unfair trend of exclusively linking Africa to corruption.

He called on his counterparts on the continent to resist the stereotype. “We need to be uninhibited against those who make us think that our countries are corrupt. I reject that and I cannot accept it,” he said.

Saying that Africa is composed of small countries with limited resources, Wade argued that such “does not make it a receptacle of all evils.” Read more.


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