Renowned Singer Andrea Bocelli Tells Abortion Story

by Audrey Barrick|Christian Post Reporter

A short video clip featuring renowned Italian singer Andrea Bocelli testifying how he could have been aborted has garnered wide attention. The video was made over a year ago but was only recently circulated on various websites, including It has received more than 143,000 views on Youtube since it was posted early this month.

Bocelli, who is blind, didn’t expect the fuss over his testimony but voiced his pro-life stance clearly in a recent interview with Italian newspaper Il Foglio, as reported by

“Because of my personal convictions as a devout Catholic, I am not only fighting against something, I am fighting for something – and I am for life,” the world-famous tenor said.

In the video, Bocelli does not make arguments defending the dignity of human persons in the womb, but rather tells a short story of how he came to be.

His mother, he recounted, was hospitalized while pregnant for what was thought to be a simple attack of appendicitis. The doctors applied some ice on her stomach and after the treatments were complete, they advised the mother to abort the child.

“They told her it was the best solution because the baby would be born with some disability,” Bocelli explained in the video, which was translated for English-speaking viewers.

But his mother decided not to abort the child and Andrea was born on Sept. 22, 1958.

“Maybe I’m [biased] but I can say that it was the right choice,” he said. Read more.


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