Sean Feucht: “Covenant is the Key to Unlock the Doors of Cities and Nations”

I am completely riveted and still buzzing from the psychotic and pulsating whirlwind of glory and family that took place at a recent event I was a part of! I feel totally exhausted in just about every measure, but can hardly sleep or rest from this experience. I am dreaming with God of how the foundation of this coming greatest global “harvest of youth and young adults” will look like. I feel like we may have stumbled into a core element of it, but want to press in for the fullness!

Mothers and Fathers with Sons and Daughters

What started for me as a simple album release party for the latest live project “Your Presence Is Enough” (which will soon be available on the Elijah List) turned into a full-on two-city Blaze and Presence Extravaganza with some of my closest and dearest friends across the world! We began in a random town and ended in a random town—from Youngstown, Ohio, to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I have come to love the somewhat hidden and “off the beaten path” cities that God has been sending us to lately. T

Sean Feucht

hey may seem random to many, but have captured the heart of our Master as the small town of Bethany did in the Bible. And He keeps coming back again and again to visit them!

It was a beautiful collision of fathers and mothers ministering alongside sons and daughters. Giants in the faith like Heidi Baker, Georgian Banov, Charles Stock and Leonard Jones mingled with young pups like Rick Pino, Kristene Mueller and myself. It was twenty-somethings worshipping and crying out for MORE before God alongside fifty and sixty-somethings. It was communal, family-focused and intrinsically beautiful! Every night we came together, and without fail God showed up with unbelievable presence, power, healings, salvations, deliverance and the overwhelming atmosphere of Heaven. This dynamic was upheld and orchestrated within the confluence of the pure authenticity and the deep covenant relationship we all shared together.

Not one person was working to perform, compete, strive to gain attention or bring validation to their personal ministry or calling, but rather preferring one another and propelling each other forward. Humility and servanthood were supreme, and I believe the Lord was really happy to come hang with us. The peace, rest, grace and power of God simply hijacked all our plans and led us into deep waters of His love.

An incredible prophetic fulfillment to the end-time prophecy in the book of Malachi began taking place!

He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers…—Malachi 4:6

Authentic Community Restored

God is really doing it! Our hearts are turning toward each other in this day and we actually really like hanging out together outside conferences, meetings and church services. Authentic community and family are being restored.

Could there be a catalytic and synergistic swirl of deep covenant and authentic community stirring that will become the bedrock for this coming wave of God to land upon? Or put another way: Is it possible for this promised global move to be sustained merely through big conferences, flashy events and new charismatic rhetoric? Haven’t we been trying this for some time? After my recent experience, it would be hard for my heart to truly come to grips with this.

But is God beginning to take residence among a humble people truly dwelling in the “Spirit of unity” who are committed to center life and family around the burning fire of His presence? Is there a fresh fragrance released when we approach ministry with each other from a “family” paradigm rather than a “business” paradigm? With business partners, you cut ties and move on when the relationship is not “profitable.” With family, you are committed as mothers and fathers, sons and daughters for life! I believe this is the lifestyle, community and ministry exemplar that pulls down the commanded blessing from Heaven into our midst. This is the community, family and people who will host the next sustaining move that will not quickly burn out, but last for generations to come.

Psalm 133:1-3 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head, coming down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard, coming down upon the edge of his robes. It is like the dew of Hermon coming down upon the mountains of Zion; for there the LORD commanded the blessing—life forever.

Is This What It’s Supposed to Look Like?

There was a commanded blessing that flowed over every word, prayer, chord and melody as we gathered. The unity in the spirit was astounding and created an atmosphere that was charged with expectation and supernatural ease! Like the “oil running down Aaron’s beard” or the “dew of Hermon,” this substance saturated the walls and the hearts of everyone in attendance. Involved with this kind of ministry, you leave feeling refreshed and inspired instead of feeling burned out and weary.

Surprisingly enough, this honest “family friendly” atmosphere sustained a rare accessibility in such large meetings for everyone present to tap into the flow and breakthrough of what God was imparting. As people began to encounter Jesus and His glory each night, the typical “minister-audience” walls that become such a hindrance to the corporate encounter came crashing down! We all were entering in together!

So, I am beginning to ask a few questions now. Maybe this is what the New Testament Church really should look like in our day? Please hear my heart as I am in no way implying that we suddenly and instantaneously found the answer to cure all the problems and issues of the Western Church. But I am beginning to wonder if it is all supposed to look less like a well-oiled machine and more like organic family. Less like cookie-cutter, predictable business and more like a celebration of spontaneous flow-fostering creativity. Maybe more like hands-on mentoring and less like individual performance. After all, isn’t the new wine in the cluster? I strongly believe God is stirring this unity-move deep in the hearts of fathers and mothers and sons and daughters in our day. Church is really beginning to be fun, family and unpredictable again!

Covenant is the Key

Last year, my good friend Rick Pino and I received the same word from the Lord around a similar time. We were praying into a strategy of catalyzing entire regions, cities and nations to encounter widespread breakthrough and not only specific churches or ministries. Every major revival in history that has brought significant and sustained restoration infected every church, ministry or denomination in the region and was not limited to a single church or ministry move.

This is our strategy with every Burn 24/7 furnace we plant and why we are passionate about them becoming “citywide” gatherings of worshippers representing every congregation, ethnicity and ministry. If we can operate in grace and preference through this messy collision, we gain a unity that demolishes longstanding curses and bestows a blessing on the city. Our desire is to see the “water level” of the entire city, region and nation raised up!

The Lord spoke a clear word to us that: Covenant is the key to unlock the doors of cities and nations.”

We began to realize how shallow our own current relationships were and how much our hearts truly ached for authentic covenant that could literally bring an unlocking of cities and nations!

This should be a covenant that moves beyond simply organizing events together and “partnering ministries” from time to time and moves into genuine care for each other’s families. This should be a covenant where we throw down our cloaks (ministries) and blow trumpets (prophesy) over the dreams and destinies of each other’s hearts like the actions of Jehu’s best friends (2 Kings 9:13). This would be a covenant in direct response to the last prayer of Jesus in John 17:11 “that they may be one as we are One.” For Jesus knew the enemy would move to divide and separate the Body as an “army divided against itself cannot stand.” This should be a covenant where our greatest power and strength comes in the place of corporate agreement where one puts a thousand to flight but two puts ten thousand (Deuteronomy 32:30).

Although the answer to creating and sustaining covenant does not lay within the pages of the latest Christian self-help book, but I believe God is commissioning us on a journey to discover “what covenant is” again.

Are we ready for the ride?

Sean Feucht
Founder, Burn 24/7


Sean and Kate Feucht

Sean and Kate Feucht are the founders of Burn 24-7—powerful, prolonged experiences of worshiping the Father and intercession for the nations. Their undying vision is to ignite and establish places of continual worship and prayer that will affect the spiritual atmospheres, climates and cultures of cities and regions for the Kingdom of God. Sean has released five prophetic worship albums and travels around the nation leading worship and speaking at conferences, camps, services and BURN 24-7 furnaces.


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