Garris Elkins: This is a Season for Words of Grace, Not Despair, to Begin Falling from the Lips of God’s Church

Recently, I read an article from Central Oregon about the despair hitting the business community over financial losses in this economic downturn. And as I meet with pastors and leaders, I am finding that many ministries are facing some of the most trying times in memory. Some families are now faced with hard and painful decisions about the homes they once thought they would live in forever. There is a spirit of despair prowling our land. Read more of this post

Kenyan Christian Leaders Stand Together Against Proposed Constitution

By Lawrence D. Jones | Christian Post Reporter

A broad range of Christian leaders in Kenya issued a joint statement Friday on their country’s proposed constitution, calling on “all Kenyans” to reject it “in its entirety.”

The statement, signed off by leaders from 30 different Christian groups and denominations, acknowledged that “many positive improvements” are in the proposed draft but said “the good has been mixed with evil sections that affect the moral life and rights of this country in irreversible and fundamental ways.” Read more of this post

Maryland synagogue vandalized


Washington– Anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist graffiti sprayed on temple. Police are investigating the vandalism of a synagogue and two nearby homes in Olney, Maryland, as a hate crime, as the Washington suburb’s local council denounced the incident and expressed solidarity with the congregation. Read more of this post

Churches may face fines for wireless mics

By Erin Roach

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Churches could face six-figure fines if they continue to use wireless microphones that operate within a spectrum the Federal Communications Commission has set aside for public safety entities.

“Certain wireless microphones have operated in frequencies that are needed for public safety. When these microphones were first designed, the frequencies they used were in between the frequencies that television stations used to broadcast television programs,” the FCC explained. Read more of this post

Rev. Jesse Duplantis: Maranatha Church, Mont Belvieu TX

Date : Aug 8, 2010

Time : Sunday – 7:00PM

Location : Maranatha Church

12319 Highway 146

Mont Belvieu TX

Phone: 281.576.2259 Read more of this post

Scores die of cholera in Cameroon

More than 100 people have died of cholera in Cameroon, according to Joseph Beti Assomo, a regional governor.

The deaths occurred in the Far North region of northern Cameroon, and the fatalities come since a cholera outbreak warning in June. Read more of this post

Chad Taylor: A Panoramic Vision of THE Harvest

Chad Taylor

I have had this repeated vision over and over the last 22 years since I was saved. I saw impressions of it when I walked across America in 1990 with only a sleeping bag and a “Jesus Saves” sign blazed across my backpack in neon red. I saw the vision while walking the streets of this nation’s largest cities long after midnight.

It engraved itself in my consciousness as I preached on the streets of Seattle at the age of 18 with only the homeless and the gutter as my congregation. I have seen the same vision while ministering in the sultry south on the mean streets of Atlanta where racism and religion still prevail. Read more of this post

Miracle in New Zealand: Teen Falls over 160 Feet off a 16-Storey Apartment Building and Survives

By Paul Chapman in Wellington

“God must have been with him. He’s got an angel looking after him, that’s for sure.” A teenager has astonished doctors in New Zealand after surviving a fall from the top floor of a 16-storey apartment block with only relatively minor injuries. Read more of this post

Kenyan refugees still without homes, clean water, or sanitation–three years later

Kenya  ― Though it’s been three years since violence ripped through Kenya following the 2007 elections, 300,000 still remain in Internally Displaced People camps.

While this number is down from the original 650,000, refugees are beginning to despair: “They have no home at all to return to. In fact, they have nothing to return to. Read more of this post

Dog’s Anglican communion leaves tongues wagging

By Joe O’Connor |  National Post

An Anglican priest has apologized for offering communion to a dog, but the act has repercussions for a Church already divided by liberalization measures. “Communion is a symbol of the sacrifice of Jesus’s body; he died for all of us,” said Cheryl Chang, director of the Anglican Network in Canada (ANIC). “But I don’t recall anything from the Scripture saying anything about Jesus dying for the salvation of our pets.” Read more of this post