Could 2-year-old’s death have been avoided?

By Chad Groening |  OneNewsNow

Following a crime that may have otherwise been prevented, an illegal alien could face the death penalty for brutally murdering his two-year-old daughter. Police in McAllen, Texas, say the little girl would not stop crying as 27-year-old Hector Castro watched a World Cup soccer game in his apartment.

According to the confession he gave police, Castro clenched his right fist in frustration and took two swings at the two-year-old’s rib cage. When she stopped breathing, he tried to revive the child, but it was too late.

Castro was formally charged with capital murder for the incident, but police say there is evidence the girl had suffered ongoing abuse in the weeks before she died. Moreover, a Texas Department of Family Protective Services spokesman confirmed Monday that the state investigated the family once in January 2004 and again in April of this year.

Ira MehlmanIra Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), thinks that since authorities report Castro is a Mexican national living illegally in the U.S., this is yet another example of a crime that could have been prevented.

“Illegal aliens do have a higher tendency to commit crimes,” he notes. “Let’s face it: most of the illegal aliens in the United States are breaking the law, but they are not going on and committing other crimes in this country. But there are enough of them, number one, that it ought to be a problem. Number two, this ought not to be tolerated — period.”

“Even if it’s only a relatively small percentage who are going on and committing other crimes, those are unnecessary crimes that could have been avoided had we enforced our immigration laws properly in the first place,” the FAIR spokesman contends.

Mehlman finds it unfortunate that too many people turn a blind eye to the presence of illegal immigrants who go on to commit other crimes — including the brutal murder of an innocent, young child.

Source: OneNewsNow


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