Muslim Speaks Against Attacks on UK Christians

A Muslim leader in the United Kingdom has come to the defense of Christians facing attacks in the country. After a series of high profile cases of Christians facing persecution for expressing their beliefs in the work place, Muslim Imam Taj Hargey wrote in a national newspaper that virulent secularism is targeting believers.

“We do have an undercurrent of hostility towards religion and particularly to Christianity because Christianity is after all the major faith of this country,” he said. (Photo flickr)

Hargey also highlighted the case of Nurse Shirley Chaplin, who works at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. She refused to remove a crucifix at work and has since lost her claim for discrimination after an employment tribunal ruled that she should have reached a compromise with her hospital employers.

Hargey says Chaplin’s case shows the politically correct “busy-bodies” under the cover of health and safety have a “fanatical loathing of Christianity.”

“I don’t [think] the reason they gave was the really the issue of health and safety,” he said. “The issue was to deny people the right to have their religious symbols.”

The hospital argued that the objection to the crucifix, which she had worn for 30 years, was based on health and safety concerns about patients grabbing the necklace, not religion.

Nurse Chaplain is not allowed to comment while her case is still on appeal, but Andrea Williams, director of the Christian Legal Centre, spoke on her behalf. She says there have been considerations for Muslims but not Christians. Read more.


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