Is America Really a Christian Nation?

Paul Strand | CBN News Washington Sr. Correspondent

For many people today, it’s a controversial question. But not for the nation’s founders who saw the Bible as the basis for the American Revolution.

The men who fought a revolution and created a country — the most free country to have ever existed — once gathered in the Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

Why so much freedom? Some say because the revolutionaries accepted what the Bible said about human beings, that they are created in the image and likeness of God.

“(It was the first time in history) an entire country was actually founded upon the idea that all human beings possess certain innate inalienable natural rights,” Robert Hutchinson, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible, said. “And that these are not privileges that are bestowed by the state, but are gifts from God that no state, no king or potentate can take away.”

So what did the men who gathered in the hall believe?

Scholar Beliefs

Some modern scholars would have you think if the founding fathers did believe in a God, he was removed from the affairs of humanity. But others indicate they believed in the God of the Bible — an intimate Lord who bestowed upon them blessings, and gave them both responsibilities and rights.

Pastor Peter Lillback authored the book Wall of Misconception in part to correct misunderstandings about the founders and their faith.

“There are those who would like to argue that we were started by secularists, those who had no interest in religion,” he said. “At best they were deists: that God was irrelevant. And the deists said ‘God has not spoken.’ There is no Word of God for a deist because God is not involved in history.” Read more.

Source:  Cbn News

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