Russian scientists introduce new method for filtering blood

Russian nuclear scientists and specialists from the Alpha R&D complex in Dubna, a city near Moscow, have developed a unique nano-coating for plasmapheresis, or blood purification. This has no equivalent in Russia or abroad. Its developers say that it will save Russians from atherosclerosis.

Treatment of this disease requires that the blood be cleaned. Plasmapheresis makes it possible to remove the cholesterol and lipoproteins that are clogging blood vessels. Now such a procedure can be administered to a patient only on imported equipment. The average cost of this kind of treatment is about 30,000 roubles. This domestic development will reduce its cost several times, thereby making it accessible to more people.

Researchers from Dubna suggested using a nanofilter for this procedure. In Dubna the nanofilter is made out of a coating that goes through a complicated processing procedure. First the material is placed into a cyclotron where it is bombarded with argon nuclei.


Then it is sunk in alkali to develop nanopores at the points of impact. The end result is a perforated coating with holes with a diameter of 200 nanometers. This is 250 times thinner than one human hair. Watch the video.

Source: RIA

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