Rev. Jesse Duplantis: International Pastors & Ministrer’s Conference 2010, Sayreville NJ

Date : Jul 22, 2010

Time :Thursday – 7:30PM

Location : Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center

2707 Main St

Sayreville NJ

Phone: 732.727.9500

Schedule is subject to change. For more information visit :

About Jesse Duplantis:

Jesse Duplantis is a dynamic evangelist who has traveled throughout the world since 1978 preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries (JDM), which has its International Headquarters in America and additional offices in the United Kingdom and Australia.

A favorite program for many seeking to know more about God, Jesse Duplantis’ television program can be seen on major networks in the United States such as ABC, NBC, CBS, TBN, Daystar, and World Harvest Television. His program is also broadcast throughout Australia, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, the United Kingdom, Israel, and the Middle East. A bestselling author, Jesse Duplantis’ books have been translated into many languages, including Braille, and are impacting millions of lives all over the world.

Today, Jesse Duplantis is one of the most unique and beloved ministers of our generation. He has been sharing his memorable mix of strong, biblical preaching and hilarious life lessons for more than thirty years in thousands of churches and convention centers. Through television programs, revival meetings, books, magazines, web and local church outreaches, and his many inspirational teaching products, Jesse Duplantis is spreading the Gospel of Jesus in a way that is reaching people and changing lives all around the world.

6 Responses to Rev. Jesse Duplantis: International Pastors & Ministrer’s Conference 2010, Sayreville NJ

  1. pastor Christian bampoe kofi says:

    Hello Friends, I greet u in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the one who gave his life onCalvary for us. am PastorChristian Bampoe,i am a pastor of Apostolic Church- Ghana.i have married with 3 children. one boy two girls.I WAS AT THE NET WHEN I CAME ACROSS UR WEB SITE AND I want u to visit me here in Ghana for an evangelism to win souls for Christ.
    my contact number is00233243428629. and my email address is
    i look forward to hear from u soon.
    Pastor Christian Bampoe
    Apostolic Church of Ghana
    p.o. box ks 10571 kumasi Ghana WEST AFRICA.

  2. Dear beloved

    Our prayer for you is that the God of all grace anoints you with fresh oil and His precious Spirit illuminates the Word as you read. May He empower you to effectively communicate to others the vibrant hope that He has given you to persevere the struggles that you have overcome and continue to overcome.
    Furthermore, I am Pastor Alex David from Nigeria I have a mission to pray and to help the Less Privilege Children, now I am writing you to sick for your assistant so that we can help this children together nothing is too small to support the work of God and I pray that your home be a reflection of the joy and peace that God has promised to all of His children who follow Him. We bless your children, the fruit of your body. We speak life into your marriage, your ministry and your mission.
    As you lie down at night we pray for more than sleep. Please the children s are suffering let us join hands together and help them you are fee to ask any question in any area you want to help.

    Thanks and God Bless

    Pastor Alex David

    The Grace Convenient Assemble Church

    No 1 Soile Street
    off Obawule IJU
    Lagos Nigeria
    Tel; 234-8076170299

  3. Pastor.Bernard khamala says:

    Beloved in the Lord in what you are doing.Kindly consider,partnering with me in the ministry,and come and minister into our church here in kenya.
    Pastor.Bernard khamala.

  4. klvin stephen says:


  5. Dear Brother/ sisters in Christ, Greetings to you in His Sacred Name. HAPPY GREETINGS We are conveying your good wishes in the name of Jesus Christ.. Greetings to you in His Sacred Name. Good greetings of to you. We are writing from our Banjara Tribal as the pastor,s team and our church believers and the poorest of the poor, orphans, widows womens,, street children?s and other orphanage children,s disadvantaged of this area. We are safe, and hove are you. We hope that god will grant you happiness, health and wealth through out your life. Dear beloved brother in Christ, Greetings to both of you from (Pastor) P.Rama Murthy Naik Yerragonda Palem ( India ) in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. We are all doing well by the grace of almighty god and by your blessings also and we are also praying for your Ministries and Church, your family. We have not yet seen to each
    other, but we are loving very much to each other since Philiphans 1:1 ? 7. Let me at the outset, introduce my self. I am Ramamurthy Naik (Pastor) residing at Yerragonda Palem, Prakasam District, South India . I decided to develop intimacy and friendship and do lord?s work. I praise the lord for giving me this opportunity. I thanking you for praying for me and treating me as your brother or friend or fellow worker. Inspired by your prayers, I am going forward in his work. I am praying for your. Our Church and our Pastors also remembers you in its daily prayers and fasting prayers. We belong to BANJARA TRIBE (GYPSY). Our Mother Tongue is TELUGU LANGUAGE which is very backward educationally socially and financially. The almighty god saved me and using me for his work (I TIMOTHY 1:12 ? 17) we live thick forests, village our people are addicted to drinking, cheating and robbing the passers by is a common profession to many of us. We live on
    hunting, collecting the forest products. People living in town and cities look down and ill that us. Our life style is very peculiar. Our women wear a special dress. We worship stones. Neemtree, Ant hills, Idols made of mud, and other things. Our people are very backward in education. Actually there are no educational facilities, non medical facilities. I studied up to intermediate class and had to give up studies because of poverty up and working as cooli on daily wages. On 1-1-1984 some of the lords servants came to our tribal village and started preaching. Their words were new to us. We had never heard such messages. Their messages brought a lot of change in our people. The word of God perced into my heart. I could know that I was a sinner. I went to one of them and begged for prayer. He prayed for me and official a new testament. As I was reading the word of God and praying every day, a miracle had taken place in my life. I confessed my sin and
    accepted Christ as my lord and savior. I was baptized on 09-10-1984. God called me to His service (Luke: 5:4-11) obeying his word, I looking his yoke and doing his work since them. I am being used by God as an instrument to spread his gospel among the nomadic tribes of our area. I wanted to bring the uneducated and uncivilized people of our treat to the fact of Jesus. I visited different villages on foot, preached the work of God and made them to accept Christ as their savior. Yet there are may to be brought to His feet. We are praying for them. I could start 9 Churches at different places and appointed 9 believe as pastors. They are daily voluntary Gospel work as I am doing I am also pastering one Church at Yerragondapalem. Transporting facilities are practically nil in our hilly area. One has to go up and the hills and hillocks the villages and cross rivulets to reach different villages. The distance between one villages is very big. Our Gospel
    workers do not have even bicycles worship is being conducted in small huts.. There are orphans, street children and destitudes. There are no schools in these villages. One has to go to a distant village in planes on foot to study. This very dangerous because wild animals wander even in day light. Threatening the passers by. So there is n need to start schools for educating the tribal children may people are dying every day, due to poverty and lack of medical facilities. There is much to be done for these forsaken people who live forest beasts and animals. But our hands are not strong enough to provide food, clothing, shelter medical and educational facilities. We are praying God to send help from any souce and hopefully awaiting a nicle to happen. Dear Brother. I am protected from tribal cart and Lord keep the as service man of him. The people from so many tribal areas of forest and hills area were used in Lord god Ministry. God has given in two places
    in tribal area i.e. tow Churches. With the god has given 9 numbers of God servants and doing ministry. By his day by day. We are conveying “GOSPEL” to so many people. Everyday, from village we are visiting every village and every house. In small huts, we are conducted “Sunday worships and prayers in other times also. We are suffering from lack of church buildings. Kindly pray for us. Lord selected us from backward forest area. In Andhra Pradesh, Ongole, Guntur , Nalgonda, Warangal Districts are backward districts. In this districts Lambadies Chenchulu, Erukula and Yanadis People are livings so, 250 Tribal Tandas (Villages) were mere villagers and people were unaware of Gospels from those areas. We are came forward no our are to transit Gospel, because no road transport ? so people are facing difficulties. From this villages, we should go by walk to tell Gospel to Villagers. To convey Gospel to his places, your prayer is very much in need. We are if we
    want to buy ? pamphlets, Bibles, Books, Gospel Books, we do not have economic support please pray for us about his matter. No one is helping to us from any place, in these forest areas, people are wondering on the roads without food and cloths. Please pray for his people we are so backwards and lack of fund people, so we are back ward in Lord God Ministry service. We want 300 Bibles, pamphlets of Gospels and books to us. Our mother tongue is TELUGU LANGUAGES so we need Telugu bibles and pamphlets, Books. Kindly pray for us for these. We are praying for you and your ministry. We will be happy and great full if you can extend your helping hand we are requesting God with them in our fasting prayers to send help. Ephesians 3:20. Please pray for our Tribal Ministry Ministers, Churches and families of our ministries. Please pray for orphans destitudes and streets children. James 1:27 May God bless you adundantely and use you in His service. III John 1:1-2.
    Awaiting your early reply. Yours in His Service . P. Rama Murthy Naik, (Pastor) Post Office Second Line, Indira Nagar, YERRAGONDA PALEM, (P&M) Prakasam District, A.P. South India, Pin : 523 327 E-mail : , cell NO : 919550984683
    your brother in christ
    pastor,p.ramamurthy naik
    pastor.p.ramamurthy naik
    post office 2nd line ,indira nagar
    yerragonda palem [post & mandel]
    prakasam [dist] , A .P,south india -523327
    CELL NO: 919550984683

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