BP Works to Fix Valve Leak Before Choking Oil Flow

By Charlene Israel | CBN News Reporter

British Petroleum engineers have made some progress testing the new containment system that could finally stop the oil leak that has been spilling into the Gulf of Mexico for three months.

On Wednesday, they halted the test after discovering a small leak on the side of the newly installed containment cap.

BP has begun critical testing on its ruptured well in hopes that it will lead to stopping the gusher.

“I was gung-ho for this test and I remain gung-ho for this test,” said U.S. National Incident Commander Thad Allen.

Undersea robots working a mile below the ocean surface have started shutting down 3 valves — checking pressure every 12 seconds — with progress reports made every 6 hours. If the pressure rises, the spill could finally be contained. Read more.

Source: CBN News


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