BP ‘stops oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico’

By Rowena Mason | Energy Correspondent

BP has succeeded in stopping its Gulf of Mexico leak for the first time since an accident on April 20 killed 11 men and triggered a giant oil spill.

BP cautiously tests Gulf of Mexico oil well after new leak setback

BP cautiously tests Gulf of Mexico oil well after new leak setback Photo: REUTERS

The company on Thursday begun a “very, very intricate operation” aimed at sealing the gusher, the day after a leaking valve caused operations to be delayed.

It stopped the oil leak after only a couple of hours, having predicted that it might take up to two days for the flow to come to a halt. The company had worried that deepwater pressure could cause more ruptures, worsening the situation.

US-listed shares in BP rose 8pc to $38.92, after it said early tests indicated that oil is no longer leaking into the ocean. It will continue testing the well every six hours to determine its success.

Kent Wells, BP’s US vice-president, said the oil stopped at 7.25pm UK time, adding: “It is very good to see no oil go into the Gulf of Mexico.”

The company is now monitoring pressure on the well to see if the seal can be maintained. It will still continue with plans to plug the leak permanently by pouring cement down a separate hole called a relief well. This has taken 90 days to drill and is close to completion.

The US Government on Thursday maintained its pressure on BP by insisting that it must pay tax on the oil it has captured from the leak – estimated at 25,000 barrels per day up until now. Continue.

Source: Telegraph uk

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