Jews wring their hands over Chelsea Clinton’s nuptials


Her marriage to Jewish man has people wondering whether she’ll convert.
WASHINGTON – The Shonda! Chelsea Clinton is marrying a Conservative. No, not that kind of conservative. The Jewish kind.

If Clinton, part of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Democratic dynasty, were marrying a diehard Republican, that might cause a few ripples as well.

But the waves being made in the run-up to her nuptials to Marc Mezvinsky at the end of this month are decidedly of the religious kind.

(Photo by: Bloomberg)

Media – of the Jewish and non-Jewish persuasion – have been running rampant with speculation about the interfaith dimensions of the event. Will Clinton, the daughter of a Methodist mother and Southern Baptist father, convert? Will there at least be a rabbi co-officiating? A huppa? A glass? Details of the wedding are under wraps – though press accounts have it taking place on July 31 at the Astor estate in Rhinebeck, NY with 500 invitees ranging from US President Barack Obama to Steven Spielberg – but that hasn’t dampened mass attention and Jewish consternation.

As Rob Eshman of The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles put it in a letter to Clinton, “You are probably wondering how people can take something so powerful and intimate as the kind of love that leads to the lifelong commitment of marriage and turn it into a crisis, a cause for hand-wringing and breast-beating, a symptom of the inexorable disappearance of an entire religion and culture off the face of the earth, a kind of genocide-by-‘I do.’” In short, he continued, “Welcome, Chelsea, to the Jews.”

But while there’s been angst in the Jewish community, it hasn’t been reciprocated. The question on people’s minds has been whether she will convert to Judaism, not whether Mezvinsky will embrace Christianity. Continue.

Source: The Jerusalem Post


One Response to Jews wring their hands over Chelsea Clinton’s nuptials

  1. V.E.G. says:

    It is not the first time a Jewish man married to a gentile. Neva Denise David, a manager of McDonald’s her father is Jewish and her mother is gentile. Some Jewish women married to gentile men. Dennis Wayne Blum and his half-brother James Frederick Fayard, III has a descendant of a Jewish woman and a gentile man.

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