Evangelical Churches to Pray for Gulf Coast

By Michelle A. Vu | Christian Post Reporter

Evangelical churches across the nation, including several megachurches, will join in a national day of prayer for the Gulf Coast community on Sunday.

The “National Day of Prayer for the Gulf,” sponsored by the National Association of Evangelicals and the Evangelical Environmental Network, expects to inspire thousands of Christians to pray for the residents of the Gulf Coast impacted by the BP oil spill.

Originally, organizers planned to pray for the oil to stop gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. But now that the new containment cap seems to be stopping the oil leak, participants will be asked to pray for the long-term recovery process.

“I do think the shift in emphasis will be how do we ask God for His help and the help of the church in the long-term recovery process both in nature and in terms of people’s livelihood,” said the Rev. Joel Hunter, senior pastor of Northland, A Church Distributed near Orlando, Fla., to The Christian Post on Friday.

Hunter, who is an NAE board member, said he plans to talk to his congregation on Sunday during “family time” about the oil spill and ask them to pray for the affected Gulf Coast communities.

Somewhere between 94 and 184 million gallons of oil have spilled into the Gulf of Mexico since the April 20 drilling rig explosion, according to government estimates. BP was able to stop the oil from gushing into the Gulf for the first time on Thursday – after nearly three months of the oil flowing freely into the ocean.

A new containment cap appears to be effectively stopping the leak. But experts are still analyzing the pressure in the well to determine if there is a leak elsewhere. The pressure as of Friday is 6,700 pounds per square inch, which means there could be a leak or that so much oil has spilled that it will take time to build up pressure, according to CNN. A pressure higher than 7,500 psi would indicate a low chance of a leak. Read more.

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