Beaten for Being A Christian

By Stacy L. Harp |  Extreme Devotion

“Repeat these verses!” Zeba was ordered.

“I will not repeat the verses. I am a Christian. I will always be a Christian.”

With her family in poverty, Zeba was forced to work as a servant for a wealthy Muslim family. While she was working, the head of the household tried to teach her about Islam and coerce her to memorize verses from the Koran. On three different occasions Zeba refused, stating, “I am a Christian.” She was beaten each time she refused.Zeba’s employers then had her arrested, falsely accusing her of stealing from the family. After securing her daughter’s release, Zeba’s mother visited the Muslim family to take up her daughter’s defense. She was not welcomed.

One of the family members screamed, “You are an infidel! Both you and you daughter are infidels and do not deserve to live.” They threw gasoline on Zeba’s mother and lit a match. Zeba never saw her mother again. Despite the tragedy, Zeba continued her walk with Christ and was recently baptized.

( Photo by The GANG Network )

Today in Pakistan, a sewing school has been established so young Christian girls like Zeba will no longer have to seek employment as servants to help feed their families. Despite her pain, Zeba holds no grudges, and she dreams of sharing her faith with others in her country. She wants to become a Bible teacher.
God’s kingdom is right side up only when it is upside down. His hierarchy of importance is upside down compared with how the world structures people in society. Instead of the talented, beautiful, and wealthy at the top of the list, humble servants make the heavenly headlines. Zeba is nothing in the world’s eyes, yet she is doing great work for the kingdom. A servant may not be especially talented, but a servant is available to work. A servant may not be worth much to others, but a servant is invaluable in God’s service. What does it mean to live contrary to the rest of the world? If you surrender to God as a servant, you will know the feeling firsthand. Are you willing to humble yourself to the role of a servant and do whatever is necessary to spread God’s Good News?

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Source: by Stacy L. Harp in Extreme Devotion


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