Hillsong pastor Brian Houston defends ministry against “Occult money”

The Sunday Herald Sun revealed that : “Hillsong founder Brian Houston uses a not-for-profit company – Leadership Ministries Inc (LMI) – to fund a burgeoning, tax-free global preaching empire. ” Mr Houston denied Hillsong had misspent Commonwealth grant money or recruited students in NSW schools. He said: ” In the past, Hillsong Church has supported Mercy Ministries through financial donations.  A number of individuals involved with our church have also served on the board and/or staff of this ministry, of their own volition.”

Photo by The Courier-Mail

Mr Houston and his wife Bobbie were installed as the new senior pastors of one of Brisbane’s largest Pentecostal churches, the 1000-member Garden City Christian Church.

He said:  “It is not my place to defend or try to explain what Mercy Ministries has or hasn’t done.  Hillsong has done nothing wrong. Hillsong is not under investigation, but a number of key people from Hillsong Church over the years, have been involved in Mercy Ministries.”

In an exclusive interview with The Courier-Mail, Mr Houston, credited the dramatic growth of the 21,000-member Hillsong to a need for fellowship and “the grace of God”.

Criticism that Hillsong is overly focused on money, flashy entertainment and fund-raising, were rejected.

“We’re big and because we’re big people wonder what all this is about,” he said.

Hillsong critics, including politicians who have been contacted by former Hillsong members, have accused it of cult-like behaviour, including psychologically abusing people who questioned the church’s practices.

“It is wrong that anything Mercy Ministries may or may not have done could overshadow so much of what we as a church stand for: Loving God and Helping People.” : he said.

Source: Hillsong Ministries

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