By Mark Blacklock

A FATHER who was so drunk while he drove with his three young children that he did not know his car was on fire has escaped jail and triggered outrage from safety campaigners.

Adam Whitehead, 36, not only failed to spot the smoke billowing from the back of his vehicle but also to hear the horns of other drivers trying to alert him to it, a court heard.

He did not hear a woman knocking on his window at traffic lights and seemed oblivious as she fought to pull his two sons, aged nine and seven, and his five-year-old daughter to safety.

He even continued to drive on when the lights changed before realising he was alone, magistrates in Huddersfield were told.

When breathalysed by police he was almost five times over the legal drink-driving limit and admitted that he had drunk at least a bottle of vodka the previous night.

Yesterday, there was astonishment from road safety experts when Whitehead was spared jail and banned from driving for just three years.

Julie Townsend, campaigns director for road safety charity Brake, said: “For a father to put his own children’s lives, and that of other road users, in such grave danger is utterly appalling. Read more at Express.co.uk


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