Kenyan refugees still without homes, clean water, or sanitation–three years later

Kenya  ― Though it’s been three years since violence ripped through Kenya following the 2007 elections, 300,000 still remain in Internally Displaced People camps.

While this number is down from the original 650,000, refugees are beginning to despair: “They have no home at all to return to. In fact, they have nothing to return to. So there is a sense of hopelessness that resides,” said Abbie Harkson of Childcare Worldwide.

Even though the government promised them plots of land to establish a more permanent residence, all their promises remain unfulfilled.

At the Ndatho Refugee Camp, living conditions are hardly safe: “Within the refugee camp, the largest needs are definitely water and sanitation. Wherever there is a lack of clean water, there are definitely sanitation issues that follow,” Harkson said.

The camp is home to 113 families, or around 500 people, but it only has two toilets for the needs of all these people. As a result, Harkson said diseases such as dysentery, diarrhea and cholera, run rampant and even cause some deaths.

A national radio station approached Childcare Worldwide in-country director, John Mwangi, about the camp’s dire need.

Mwangi, who had been unaware of the desperation of these refugees, then informed the U.S. Childcare Worldwide office, and they decided to step in and help with much-needed toilets and water catchments, which catch rainwater and provide a fresh water source.

(Childcare Worldwide photo)

As people an ocean away prepare to help these Kenyans with their physical needs, Harkson said Mwangi and his staff are reaching out to them with the love of Christ. Though they still remain in IDP camps unsure about what the future holds, many are putting their faith in God and trusting Him with their futures. Harkson said they are seeing people’s outlooks transformed and “seeing a whole new side of people, worshiping the Lord together, and declaring that there is hope despite the dire need that they have and the reality that they may or may not at any time soon have a home again.”

Now, as Childcare Worldwide raises funds for toilets and water catchments, you can join in by clicking here to donate.

Also, pray along with Childcare Worldwide’s U.S. team for Christ to continue to reveal truth in the lives of these Kenyans.

Source: Mission Network News

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