Kenyan Christian Leaders Stand Together Against Proposed Constitution

By Lawrence D. Jones | Christian Post Reporter

A broad range of Christian leaders in Kenya issued a joint statement Friday on their country’s proposed constitution, calling on “all Kenyans” to reject it “in its entirety.”

The statement, signed off by leaders from 30 different Christian groups and denominations, acknowledged that “many positive improvements” are in the proposed draft but said “the good has been mixed with evil sections that affect the moral life and rights of this country in irreversible and fundamental ways.”

More specifically, the church leaders said the proposed constitution does not safeguard the sacredness of human life, the sound and moral education of the country’s children, nor religious equality.

“The proposed constitution in its current form is not good for the country,” stated the leaders from denominations including the Anglican Church of Kenya, the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, the Methodist Church in Kenya, and the Kenya Assemblies of God, among others.

While the church leaders said they have always been supportive of a new Constitutional order for their country and have worked hard for it, they made clear their opinion of the “flawed proposed constitution” and said they are steadfast in their beliefs.

“We are neither guided by political gains nor the succession politics of 2012,” the clergymen stated. “Political leaders last only for as long as they have been elected while ours is a divine lifetime calling. We shall have to be the ones to shepherd the flock through any turmoil that the current or proposed constitution or negative politics may bring. You have trusted us before, and we call upon you to continue trusting us now as your religious and moral stewards.”

The Christian leaders also extended their call to their “Muslim brothers and sisters,” praying that they will also join them in rejecting the constitution.

“There will be no cause to celebrate, regardless of whether the proposed draft is accepted or rejected,” they added. “We shall be left a country divided and shall have to begin- yet gain- the process of healing and reconciliation.” Read more at CP

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