Maryland synagogue vandalized


Washington– Anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist graffiti sprayed on temple. Police are investigating the vandalism of a synagogue and two nearby homes in Olney, Maryland, as a hate crime, as the Washington suburb’s local council denounced the incident and expressed solidarity with the congregation.

“A hate crime directed against any segment of our community is in fact directed against our entire community,” declared the Montgomery County Council, in a resolution that passed unanimously Tuesday, a day after anti- Semitic graffiti was found covering the synagogue and at two residences.

The slurs spray-painted on the B’nai Shalom of Olney synagogue included “Death to Zionists,” “Kike,” “F**k Israel” and a smattering of German phrases including “Judenraus” and “Arbeit Macht Frei,” the phrase that hung above the entrance to Auschwitz.! The English translation of the latter – “Work Will Set You Free” – was also scrawled.

Code connected to White Supremacist activity was also found, as well as a scattering of coins, presumably in a reference to stereotypes about Jews and money.

Montgomery County police told The Jerusalem Post they had not made any arrests as of Wednesday, but were still reviewing evidence obtained at the synagogue and two homes. The houses had their mailboxes pained red and swastikas sprayed on their driveways. Read more at JPost


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