Over 200 Physicians Protest Abortions at Military Hospitals

By Nathan Black | Christian Post Reporter

Over 200 physicians who served soldiers in the U.S. military are asking senators to resist efforts to allow abortions at military hospitals.

“Such a drastic and controversial change in longstanding federal policy could disrupt military medicine in a time of war and also undermine military physician retention and recruitment,” they stated in a letter sent Tuesday by the Christian Medical Association.

In May, the Senate Armed Services Committee passed a provision that would repeal the ban on privately financed abortions at military hospitals and bases. The amendment was included in the proposed 2011 Defense Authorization bill.

It was sponsored by Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.) who said the current ban prevents women “from exercising their legally-protected right to choose simply because they are stationed overseas.”

A similar amendment failed in 2006.

Gene Rudd, senior vice president of the Christian Medical Association, argued that the morale among those serving would suffer if the ban is lifted.

“Morale is a key component of military effectiveness,” he said in a statement. “If enacted, requiring military physicians to perform abortions threatens military readiness.”

Rudd contended that approving the amendment would also discourage young doctors from joining the military. Read more: CPost


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