Mother tells how she fell asleep in car causing crash that killed her children

By Fiona Govan, in Madrid

A British mother has told how she fell asleep at the wheel of the family car causing the death of her two youngest children and injuring her two others after plunging down a motorway bank in northern Spain.

“It was the middle of the night and I fell asleep,” Gemma Martello, 27, said through tears from her hospital room in Burgos. “You can imagine how I’m feeling now.”

Two-year-old Amir Khan Chady and his nine-month-old sister Amelle died instantly after the people carrier smashed through the central reservation of a motorway and ploughed down a grassy bank.

Their siblings Leila, six, and Zackariya, five, were cut free from the wreckage by emergency services in the early hours of Sunday morning and are due to be released from hospital after suffering minor injuries.

Miss Martello was also hurt in the crash on the AP1 motorway near the village of Briviesca in the province of Burgos, 180 miles north of Madrid.

“I’m sore all over,” she said. “and I’m feeling very sad, well, heartbroken.”

The father of the children, Jawad Khan Chady, 33, was in the passenger seat and survived unscathed. Read more:  Telegraph


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