China launches milk powder investigation

New Zealand-based Fonterra, which supplies milk powder to a Chinese company caught up in the latest milk scandal, said Wednesday it “remains 100 percent confident about the quality of its products.”

China’s Health Ministry launched an investigation in Hubei province after claims that milk powder has led to premature sexual development among infant girls.

Samples of milk powder made by Qingdao-based Synutra International were being tested, Health Ministry spokesman Deng Haihua said at a news conference Tuesday, according to state-run Xinhua news agency.

At least three infant girls had grown breasts prematurely, Xinhua reported.

Deng said a medical investigation was under way and a wide range of factors could lead to premature sexual development, according to Xinhua.

The deputy head of Wuhan Children’s Hospital’s endocrine department said three of the four children treated for the condition had never eaten baby formula made by Synutra, Xinhua reported.

A fourth baby had used Synutra formula but then switched brands, Xinhua cited him as saying.

Source: CNN

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