Pastor Jean-Marie Sumo: DIVINE HEALING POWER

APMDC   The Divine Healing Power

As the title indicates, DIVINE HEALING POWER exposes the most serious concern of mankind of all times, the problem of health in human society, and demonstrates that the only true, effective and complete healing from any disease will occur through the will and power of the Lord God Almighty.
The book comprises four major parts. Each part contains a number of subtitles that will help the reader in his/her expectation of what is going to follow.
The introduction stirs up the reader’s faith and eagerness to know more because of its strong warning of not believing the divine truth, and the blessings that accompany those who believe the Word of Jesus Christ, the Healer of mankind. Part I presents the problem of health in human society and the different aspects of the scientific health research. We recognize the failure of the medical science in the attempt to cure unknown diseases generated by evil spiritual strongholds, whereas the power of the spoken Word would bring deliverance from those evil spirits and complete healing to the patient.
Part II explains the origin of diseases and death as results or consequences of disobedience to the Creator’s instructions. The curses pronounced by God in His anger, from the Garden of Eden to the time of Moses and more thereafter, are directly tied to mankind’s physical and social sufferings.
Part III is an exciting teaching on Spiritual Warfare, with a detailed knowledge of satan and his army. This part helps understand the role of the devil in man’s daily struggle, as the unseen ruler of the present world system. He is also the manager of of incurable diseases that are destroying human lives at a daily basis because there is no physical remedy that can cure spiritual damages in human bodies.
Part IV presents the solution for our health problem. Jesus Christ is the solution. He has fulfilled God’s promise for our spiritual and physical restoration. God has reconciled us to Himself through the works of the cross. This part ends with a series of biblical healing experiences, as well as my personal experiences as a healing and deliverance vessel for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To God be all the glory and honor and power for ever and ever. Amen. Divine Healing Power is Jean-Marie’s experience with God’s grace and power.
An extraordinary hit of salvation and deliverance that anybody can share by believing the Word of Jesus Christ. This is also a well of information about the origin of diseases and the knowledge of satan the deceiver with his organizations of darkness. Divine Healing Power is a faith building tool for healing and blessings in the Name and through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Divine Healing Power is a great health ministry tool for anyone desiring optimum health, regardless of race, religion, or creed. This collaboration of stories and samples is practical, and it will inspire you to reevaluate yourself, physically and spiritually.

If you are suffering from various diseases, Pastor Sumo advises you to take time, examine your lifestyle, and to ask yourself, “What am I consuming? What do I think about often?” In Divine Healing Power, the answers to these questions amazingly give guidance to those seeking deliverance and healing.

Pastor Sumo has sketched a blueprint from the Word of God for readers to use when seeking the attainment of deliverance and healing for long-term health. A leader, he is very knowledgeable on the subject of spiritual health. He has studied the Word of God in regards to living a disease-free life in distressed times where so many Americans are plagued with ongoing sickness and incurable diseases.

After reading Divine Healing Power, Pastor Sumo advises readers to continue to study, take immediate actions, and use these practical teachings for deliverance from sickness, causing new choice habits to form for balanced living in the mind, body, and spirit.

About the author

Pastor Jean-Marie Sumo was born in Cameroon, Central Africa. He was ordained a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 1991 and consecrated as a Pastor in 1994. He lives with his wife, Elizabeth, in Washington, D.C., where they established and continue to run the Jesus Christ Disciple Ministries.

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