Parents Warned about New Expletive-Laden Song

The Parents Television Council is warning that the latest YouTube sensation, which features an expletive-laden song by Cee-Lo Green, could possibly find its way onto the radio.

The song is called “F*** You”, and it’s about a gold digging ex-girlfriend. Green’s song was posted on the Internet Aug. 19 and has already had more than 1.4 million viewers on YouTube.(Photo by CBN)

“The production of the song … including an f-bomb every 14 seconds is just the latest example of an entertainment industry bent on racing to the bottom of the barrel,” Dan Isett, Director of Public Policy for the PTC, said.

Isett also said that parents can expect things to get worse after a federal appeals court in New York ruled against the Federal Communications Commission’s broadcast indecency policy.

The policy would have fined broadcasters for allowing a single curse word on live television, but in July 2010, the court ruled the FCC’s policy was too vague and violated the First Amendment.

The policy was adopted after U2 singer Bono used a curse word at the Golden Globes Awards ceremony in 2003.

“It’s ridiculous that we’re actually having a discussion about whether a song containing that material is appropriate for radio on the public airwaves when we know millions of children are in the audience. The vast majority of Americans agree – it is not,” Isett said.

But Green, on the other hand, told Entertainment Weekly’s Music Mix blog that the instant popularity of his song is a “pleasant surprise.”



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