CHINA: Family Visits Imprisoned Church Leader

By Stacy L. Harp | VOM

On July 13, the family of Uyghur house–church leader, Alimujiang Yimiti, was permitted to visit him for 20 minutes, according to China Aid Association. Alimujiang’s family was relieved to see him alive, as guards had repeatedly refused to allow them visits in recent weeks. During their meeting, Alimujiang confirmed that he had received his wife’s letters.

(Photo by BP)

However, only one of his letters has been delivered to his wife, and he warned her that she and the children should not expect to see more letters from him because of the difficulty he had in sending them.

In 2009, Alimujiang was sentenced to 15 years in prison for “providing state secrets to overseas organizations.” Go to to send a letter of encouragement to Alimujiang.

The Voice of the Martyrs stands with Alimujiang and encourages you to pray that authorities will continue to allow his family to visit and that he will soon be released from prison. Also pray that God will protect and comfort Alimujiang’s family and that his testimony might draw other prisoners and guards to Christ.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs

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