Lausanne Leader: Movement Validated by Value Placed, Added by People

By Michelle A. Vu | Christian Post Reporter

The Lausanne Movement, which came out of one of the most important Christian conferences in modern history, is only as important as people think it is, said the movement’s executive chair.

“Lausanne as an organization is very, very small. We have no members, we have no permanent office anywhere,” explained the Rev. Doug Birdsall, executive chair of The Lausanne Movement, during a Lausanne/Cape Town 2010 global conference call Wednesday.

“Lausanne really is only validated to the degree that people buy into the importance of the issues and add value to relationships they are able to make through Lausanne connections.”

For nearly four decades, the Lausanne organization has served to bring Christian leaders worldwide together to strategize on how to evangelize the world.

Billy Graham convened the first Lausanne Congress in 1974 and drew some 2,700 participants from over 150 countries. From that conference came the Lausanne Covenant, an evangelical manifesto that called for active worldwide Christian evangelism.

The covenant is one of the most influential documents in modern evangelical Christianity. Read more: Christian Post

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