Tony Blair’s memoir God cannot be found in the index

By Wesley WJ Richards

Tony Blair’s memoir fails to give any insight into how his faith influenced his politics and decision making during his ten years as Prime Minister.

Following its launch last week, The Journey has been dissected by the media and commentators eager to gain understanding of his views on everything from the war in Iraq to his relationship with Gordon Brown.
(Photo by Lefteris Pitarakis / AP Photo – A copy of Britain’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s newly-published book is seen outside a bookshop in central London, Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2010. Tony Blair’s long-awaited memoir ‘A Journey’ says the former British prime minister doesn’t regret the Iraq war, although he wept for its victims, and carries revelations about the politician’s alcohol use, his interactions with the queen and his testy relationship with his successor. )
For people of faith, in particular Christians, they hoped to discover how his personal beliefs affected his thinking during his years in power. The reader will come away disappointed. God cannot be found in the index.

On the penultimate page of his book, Blair writes, ‘I have always been more interested in religion than politics.’

Elsewhere, he says, ‘I had always been fortunate in having a passion bigger than politics, which is religion,’ yet there is little in almost 700 pages to explain these statements, leading a writer in the Guardian to muse, ‘It is as if Lenin had written an autobiography without mentioning Marx.’

Ahead of publication, Anthony Seldon, the author of Blair and Blair Unbound, wrote in The Daily Telegraph that we need to learn ‘more about the impact of religion on his politics.’

Since leaving office, Tony Blair has made it clear that his faith has been a major part of his life. Read the full story:  Christian Today


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