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Scottish Bible Society helps children caught up in Jamaican gangland violence

By Brian Hutt

The Scottish Bible Society has launched a new campaign to help children living in fear in Jamaica’s gangland townships.

The organisation said the reality for children in these areas was far from the sun-kissed holiday in paradise enjoyed by tourist. Read more of this post

Christianity is growing in China as never before

By Christopher Landau BBC News, China

Director General, State Administration for Religious Affairs, Wang Zuo An

Three decades ago, China’s Cultural Revolution saw some of the most dramatic restrictions on the practice of religion ever seen in the modern world.

But today’s communist rulers have radically altered their views about religion and have granted substantial freedom to Christians prepared to worship within state-sanctioned churches.

Within these boundaries, Christianity is growing in China as never before – and doing so supported by millions of dollars of government funding. Read more of this post

105-year-old leads hospitality ministry

By Heather Hahn | UMNS

Jean Christy felt she was not doing enough for her church, so she called her pastor and asked how she might volunteer.

She was a mere 104 at the time.

Christy suggested she might use her telephone skills to cheer up her fellow Christians, and the Rev. Mike Macdonald, her pastor, agreed. Read more of this post

Victoria Boyson: Hope in Love

Victoria Boyson

God’s passion is seeing you walk in all that He has for you.

His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, nor His delight in the legs of a man; the Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love. Psalm 147:10-11, NIV

I know that sometimes it is very difficult to trust in God while waiting for the development of your destiny. But we hope not in hope itself; we put our hope in God’s unfailing love for us. And His love for us is strong enough to sink our hope into, because in the vast creation of the whole universe, His delight…is in you. Read more of this post

Acid attack Victim thanks Jesus Christ for Her Sight, Healing

By Michael Rollins, KGW staff

PORTLAND — Acid attack victim Bethany Storro has left Legacy Emanuel hospital.

A hospital spokeswoman said burn victims often return for followup treatment but federal disclosure laws forbid providing any further information about her status.

A fundraising event is planned for this Friday at Anytime Fitness in Vancouver. All proceeds from a $20 women’s self-defense class will go to a fund to help her. There is also a fund that has been created at Umpqua Bank branches. Read more of this post

CHINA: Family Visits Imprisoned Church Leader

By Stacy L. Harp | VOM

On July 13, the family of Uyghur house–church leader, Alimujiang Yimiti, was permitted to visit him for 20 minutes, according to China Aid Association. Alimujiang’s family was relieved to see him alive, as guards had repeatedly refused to allow them visits in recent weeks. During their meeting, Alimujiang confirmed that he had received his wife’s letters. Read more of this post

Christians seek end to cycle of hunger in Zimbabwe

By Charlie Boyd

Millions of Christians worldwide are expected to join in a day of prayer for Zimbabwe as the country continues to struggle with high unemployment and widespread food shortages.

The International Prayer Day for Zimbabwe takes place on September 26. The organisation behind it, LoveZim, is working to improve the lives of Zimbabwean farmers and is being supported by a coalition of organisations including the Evangelical Alliance and Tearfund. Read more of this post

Paul Keith Davis: Enlarge Our Hearts!

Paul Keith Davis

In the year 2002 the Lord graciously allowed me to experience a series of visions and revelations that I have now incorporated in my book, “Books of Destiny.” The essence of these truths involved the soon emergence of great spiritual champions from every walk of life who will be identified according to Hebrews 11 and experience deep realms of the Spirit. They will be a unique generation whose capacity for God will be greatly enlarged by supernatural grace and given access to Heaven’s Treasury Room. This treasury room is none other than God’s heart containing the treasures of wisdom and knowledge hidden in Christ, according to Colossians 2:2-3 saying: Read more of this post

Evangelical Alliance Calls for Solidarity with Pakistan

By Jenna Lyle|Christian Today Reporter

Just days after a major charity expressed alarm over the international community’s lukewarm response to aid appeals, the World Evangelical Alliance is calling on the world to stand in solidarity with flood-stricken Pakistan.

In an appeal sent to members in 128 countries worldwide, the organization expressed its “heartfelt sympathy” with the millions of people affected by the floods. Read more of this post