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The Gulf Oil Crisis

La Voix du Signe – Prophétie sur “la Catastrophe de la marée noire”

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Bob Hartley: Here Come the Hopeful Kings and Queens Bringing the Celebration of God!

Bob Hartley

In my last word (posted on the Elijah List), I shared about an encounter with Jesus regarding the “Hope Glory Train” that would stop different places across the earth through 2013, and the hopeful kings and queens that were being sent out into the seven mountains of society. Read more of this post

James W. Goll: The Greatest Youth Awakening is Coming!

James W. Goll

The following outline is taken from my Prayer Storm Study Guide and corresponds with the related chapter in my Prayer Storm book. This material carries one of the four major themes the Holy Spirit spoke to me to call forth: 1) Revival in the Church, 2) Prayer for Israel: All Descendants of Abraham, 3) The Greatest Youth Awakening the World Has Ever Seen and 4) Crisis Intervention through Intercession. Read more of this post

Victoria Boyson: Hope in Love

Victoria Boyson

God’s passion is seeing you walk in all that He has for you.

His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, nor His delight in the legs of a man; the Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love. Psalm 147:10-11, NIV

I know that sometimes it is very difficult to trust in God while waiting for the development of your destiny. But we hope not in hope itself; we put our hope in God’s unfailing love for us. And His love for us is strong enough to sink our hope into, because in the vast creation of the whole universe, His delight…is in you. Read more of this post

Chuck D. Pierce: “I AM Controlling the GATES! Watch What Begins to Shatter!”

The Spirit of God is moving so powerfully. Below is a portion of the prophetic revelation that was recently released in our service. As we are preparing to cross over into the Hebraic Year 5771, I have been seeking the Lord over how and when to meet Him in our times of corporate prayer, as the Head of the Year is a time when fresh revelation is released. There is a sound and intensity in the next generation that is unlike any other. One of our goals at Glory of Zion is to see that generation equipped and liberated to transform a society longing for something lasting to be passionate about. Read more of this post

Chuck D. Pierce: “I Am Resetting Your Clock of Celebration” PLUS “Thailand: A Prototype Nation!”

Chuck Pierce

The opposite of confidence and worth is self-pity.miss our moment. We feel we are deserving or entitled to a blessing, and we lose faith when we see a blessing slip past our life. Self-pity occurs when we feel we are warranted to receive but get passed by. This can occur in our natural or spiritual life. Self-pity helps define our moment or, may I say, cause us to

One of the best examples of self-pity is the crippled man at the Pool of Bethesda (see John 5). Jesus knew his full condition and then, through Peter, asked the man if he wished to be healed. The man began to explain why he had not and could not be healed. Jesus seemed to quit listening to his self-pity and healed him anyway. Read more of this post

Paul Keith Davis: Enlarge Our Hearts!

Paul Keith Davis

In the year 2002 the Lord graciously allowed me to experience a series of visions and revelations that I have now incorporated in my book, “Books of Destiny.” The essence of these truths involved the soon emergence of great spiritual champions from every walk of life who will be identified according to Hebrews 11 and experience deep realms of the Spirit. They will be a unique generation whose capacity for God will be greatly enlarged by supernatural grace and given access to Heaven’s Treasury Room. This treasury room is none other than God’s heart containing the treasures of wisdom and knowledge hidden in Christ, according to Colossians 2:2-3 saying: Read more of this post

Christy Wimber: Slavery or Freedom?

Christy Wimber

I believe we’re in a time where the Church’s greatest message is one of “freedom.”

I’ve been studying again about the “power of the Cross”. In particular, what’s really getting my attention again is what Jesus died for and the reasons He came and emptied Himself freely (Philippians 2), showing us what it looks like to live completely dependent and surrendered to the Father. Then Him going to the Cross in order that we didn’t have to? It’s truly amazing to know the curses we were once under and the freedom that we now are free to experience. There’s nothing like freedom. Read more of this post